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“MR KITO hits Dazzling Heights with his music” Rick Jamm – Jamsphere Magazine (USA) “Where Are The Lizards? Represent some of the most original music out there”.“A definite must have.” Floorshime Zipper Boots (USA) “Mr Kito takes experimental to a new level in ‘Where Are The Lizards?’" Lily Pavlovic- Metal Heads and College Threads (AUS) “That is what makes this record pretty awesome; the unexpectedness of the music. It draws you in and forces you to actually listen” Felicia C Waters – Four Culture (USA) “Very interesting and unique work of art” Jay Staner Music Eyes Reviews (USA) “Bravely stepping outside of the genre to do something really different, I can't help but be impressed” Keller EGL Magazine Editor (UK) "Highly original take on indie rock blending elements of early Talking Heads and Television with a Serge Gainsbourg-esque styling". Russian Winter Records “MR KITO Pick of the week” (Most popular music post awarded) MusicNotez Magazine (USA) “MR KITO’s music is nothing short of upbeat and interesting” Lola Wallace – The cat Is Ginger (SA) “MR KITO provides intriguing lyrics and a unique vocal style” Michael McGrath - TRIKE'S TRAX of FAME (CAN) “Where Are The Lizards? is by FAR the strangest, weirdest, and most beautifully creative EP to come out into the musical open in 2014 ... and I LOVE IT”. Jes – Sleeping Bags Studios” “I enjoyed it so much, like an excited child, I couldn’t wait to share MR. KITO with you.” Tim – Emerging Indie bands (USA)